The Romans in Scotland

We would like to take you back to AD120, when the Romans were here in Scotland.  It must have been a time of turmoil, as the invaders asserted their laws, their Army and their ideas.  Traces of the Romans have been left all over Edinburgh and the lowlands. 

In our workshops we will discuss the Roman way of life, their homes, forts, food and pastimes.  Then we will do an activity using replica tools, and wearing roman costumes, and finish off with a traditional Roman tale.

The Roman Workshops

1. Roman Wax Tablet Workshop.  Every pupil will have the opportunity to make their own wooden wax tablet and stylus in this workshop.  Curriculum link PDF.

1. Roman Mosaic Workshop.  Every pupil will make a 20cm x 10 cm piece of Roman mosaic, using a wooden base, and glass tiles.  Then at the end we will all put the pieces of mosaic together and see what we've made. Curriculum link PDF.

3.  Roman Oil Lamp Workshop.  Every pupil will make a small Roman style oil lamp out of clay, and decorate it using traditional tools. Curriculum link PDF.

A P3 pupil writing on the wax tablet               A Roman Mosaic, made by a P4 class.

he had just made.

Replica Roman Oil Lamp made in a Primary School Workshop.  This is a fully functional oil lamp.