We are very fortunate in Scotland to have the best preserved Neolithic Village in the World;  that is Skara Brae, Orkney.  This fascinating site was inhabited around 5000years ago, and was the inspiration for our Neolithic Workshop.  During a storm, Skara Brae was submerged and backfilled with sand, leaving all the houses and objects locked into the cliff, until a second storm exposed them thousands of years later.  There are everyday objects that you will recognize, such as bowls, and knives, and beds, furniture and fireplaces.  Around the same period of time Cairnpapple Hill in West Lothian was in use as a ceremonial site; put together we start to build up a picture of the lives of Scotlands people, and it is a story of ingenuity, perseverance and survival. 

The Neolithic workshop is really a Neolithic Training school, where pupils use many tools of the Neolithic time including flint scrappers and antlers, and build a stone model of either Skara Brae or Cairnapple Hill.