Living History Demonstrations

We can provide Living History Demonstrations for events.  There are lots of crafts we can demonstrate, here are some of our  suggestions:

Iron Age blacksmith- We can set up our forge on your site, and make metal objects.

Pre-historic cookery Workshop- we can cook and make lots of Iron Age and Roman recipes over a open fire, or pit oven.

Prehistoric painting workshop using ochres, and natural methods.

Natural dyes- Over a open fire we can make woad dye, and dye fabric with it, this process was used from the Iron Age up to modern times, and is really spectacular.

Milling and baking - We have a replica set of beehive quern stones, and a saddlestone quern (both Iron Age replicas) we can bring these along, and make bread with the resulting flour.  The bread can either be cooked by a fire, or in a oven.

We can do various other demonstrations too eg. leather work, basket making, flint knapping, weaving etc... just drop us a email if you would like more information

Our demonstrators, have food hygiene certificates, are registered on the PVG scheme, and have public liability insurance.  A risk assessment will be emailed to the organizer at the time of booking. 

Archaeobotanical workshops; from all time periods. We have a large seed bank, and living plant collection, that we can bring along.  Plant walks, and talks.