The Mary Queen of Scots workshops, provide pupils with a captivating way of learning about the life and times of Queen Mary.

All workshops begin with a 20minute introduction, which includes handling of replica and original artefacts, and learning about the time period.  every pupil can dress in period costume too.  This is followed by 1hour 20minutes of activities.  Finally we finish with a traditional story telling.

Flax in bloom (above)

Flax to Linen Project

This is a three workshop programme, where pupils plant flax and process it through into linen.  The project takes approximately 6months.  It is a fascinating project because pupils try out lots of different renaissance crafts including paper making, calligraphy, flax weaving, willow work.  All activities are related to the Scottish linen industry, and the life and times of Queen Mary.  

* If you would like your class to try some of these activities, but don't have the time to commit to a 6month project, we could design a bespoke workshop for you to fit your available time.  We have a stock of harvested flax available.

Mary Queen of Scots Craft Workshop

Linen and embroidery workshop.  In this 2 hour workshop Pupils will learn how to weave linen and embroider on it.  Embroidery was one of Queen Mary's passions, and linen was Scotland's primary export fabric at the time. 

Paper Making Workshop

This is a 2 hour workshop where pupils make paper using a traditional press.

Paper press in action.