NEWSFLASH 10th March 2017

The Marian Hanging Replica is complete and now installed on permanent display in its new home Edinburgh Castle.  It is in the Royal Apartment, and is a wonderful achievement for the Heritage Sewing Group.

The Heritage Sewing Group was set up in September 2014, and is focused on making a replica of the Marian Hanging.  This is a group for adults, and meets twice weekly in Edinburgh, we currently have 33 members. 

The Marian Hanging is a huge work of embroidery that Mary Queen of Scots made during her imprisonment in England, from 1569 until her execution in 1587.  The Marian hanging consists of 37 embroidered panels sewn onto green velvet.  The panels are based on Natural History images, and include many mythical creatures, and coded messages.  At the time of her imprisonment, she was under house arrest and all of her correspondence was monitored, but we can see that through her needlework she was able to express her feelings, and focus on life outside the walls. 

Below is the original sea monk panel, and it is 11.25 inches in diameter (including the border) .  Under that is the replica sea monk panel, and some of our other finished panels.

Fig 1. The original Sea Monk Panel

Fig 2 The Replica Sea Monk Panel,

 Fig 3. The replica Lyone Panel

Fig 4. The replica Pheonix Panel