A P3 student using a bow drill (below)

Wax tablet making workshop with p4 classes, each child produced their own two page tablet, and stylus. Made out of wood, beeswax, and leather cord to hold the two pages together.

Roman mosaic workshop with a P4 class. Each child produced a 20cm x 10cm piece of mosaic, and then we put them altogether at the end! 

The Iron Age Village building Workshop. A P4 class made this model, you can make out the defence ditches, the pallisade fence, and six wattle and daub roundhouses, a forge, a grainstore, and a lake with rafts. The model is 1m x 1m.

This is part of the Jacobite Sett Tartan that i wove for the Jacobite workshop with a P4 class. This particular tartan was worn during the 1715 uprising.

The Iron Age Bread Project Harvest time.