This is a lesson plan for the Roman Mosaic Workshop.

it lasts 2hours, and will be tailored to the group, here is the outline.  I like

to begin and end the session on the Roman Story Mat, and to finish the workshop off with telling a traditional Roman Folktale.

 Time  Activity
 Before the lesson begins Re-arrange the classroom into three working areas, and a large story area.
 0-30minutes Introduction.  Give everyone a Roman costume to wear for the workshop, and welcome the class onto the Roman Story Mat.  Discuss the Roman people, their every day lives with the help of props and pictures.
 30-60minutes Divide the class into 3 or 4 groups.  Give everyone a equal sized piece of wood with the mosaic plan sketched onto it.  Explain which part of the pattern to start on, and then send everyone to their work areas to get on with the activity, give health and safety briefing.
 60- 100minutesExplain the second part of the activity, and commence.
 100-120 minutes Review session. Traditional storytime on the story mat.

Roman Mosaic Workshop for a P4 class

Each child produced a 20cm x 10cm part of the design, then we put them altogether at the end!

Roman Wax Tablet for a P3 class.

Each child made their own wax tablet and stylus.