The School is  managed by five people. All are from different working backgrounds but with a common interest in Ancient Crafts and education.

 Mrs Melissa Viguier, works and lives in Edinburgh. Her academic background is in Botany and her interests span Archaeology and Education and Ethno Botany. She has 10 years experience in delivering education workshops to children, in a variety of settings. Including museums, The City of Edinburgh Council, Schools, and Community centers. 

Dr Helen Szoor-McElhinney, has a background in scientific research and teaching. She is an experienced Learning and Development Officer, based in Edinburgh and has spent many years working in schools, colleges and universities across Scotland. She is passionate about education and the learner’s experience. 

Mr Matthew Topsfield, is an experienced environmental manager, and has many years experience working in the public and charity sector. He also has a strong interest in Scottish crafts and the traditional farming practices of remote Scottish communities.

Mrs Katy Coebergh, has many years experience working in the charity sector and a strong interest in Education. 

 Dr Romain Viguier, has a background in teaching and lecturing academic and practical subjects. He has a strong interest in the history of technology and in the practice of traditional crafts including pottery, sculpture and painting.

The School of Ancient Crafts SCIO was founded in 2012, by five friends and a mutual desire to bring history to life and make it relevant to modern people like us.