The Iron Age

We would like to take you on a journey back in time, 2000 years ago, to the Iron Age.  This is when the Celtic people of Scotland were living in roundhouses clustered together in hillforts for safety.  The Celts had the technology to make Iron and Bronze, which meant that they could make a greater variety of weapons and tools than ever before.  In the very heart of Edinburgh, Holyrood Park, there are the remains of several hillforts from this time, and you can still see the agricultural terraces that they used for planting their crops.

We bring the workshop to your school.  We will set up a celtic roundhouse in your classroom, with lots of replica objects, images, costumes, and activities and storytelling to bring the Iron Age to life.  Then we deliver the activity part of the workshop, and round up with a traditional storytelling.

We are starting a series of Iron Age Agricultural projects in May 2013 and continuing into 2014, where you can grow the crops and dyes of the Iron Age and process them in school, just like the Celts did, 2000 years ago.

1. Iron Age Farming workshop- use Iron Age tools to dig over your school flowerbeds, and plant iron age crops.  This can be followed up by two further workshops: harvesting and milling and a baking workshop. Curriculum Link PDF

2. Iron Age milling and baking workshop- Pupils will be able to turn their harvested crops into bread, by threshing, winnowing, milling and baking. (Replica millstones will be brought along for the milling, bread is baked in the school kitchen).Curriculum link PDF

3.  Iron Age Village Building.  Make a 1m x 1m model hillfort, using wood, stone, and daub, to build roundhouses, a forge, grainstore, and pallisade fence. Curriculum Link PDF

All these projects are brought to your school and playground, we bring the seeds, tools and equipment, replica objects, costumes, and even millstones and cooking equipment. 

This project is also setting up a Heritage Seed Bank for Primary Schools and Community Groups.

You will need a dedicated growing area 2m x 1m for each project.  If you would like more information or to sign your class up to the project, just email   


                         Iron Age Barley                      Replica Quern Stones used for milling